Jason Kawcak Memorial Camp Scholarship Fund

This image is of Jason Kawcak during the "peak" on an RMR Backcountry trip the summer after his senior year. This image is one of our best and one we like to remember Jason by.

UPDATE: The Kawcak Family approached us in 2017 about replenishing the scholarship in Jason's name. During the first four years more than 60 students received assistance in Jason's memory. With the help of the Kawcaks we are working to keep the scholarship going and growing the legacy left. Here is a link to the letter the family sent out to friends and family. If you would like to give to the fund, which is solely used to help students attend camp, you can go to the giving page here! Thank you for your prayerful consideration!

I​n July of 2012 we were struck by the tragic loss of friend, WL leader and BRYL legacy Jason Kawcak. Jason was a cornerstone of what God had done through BRYL since he first started coming to club as a freshman in 2002. 

Jason attended 11 YL camping activities and loved them all. As an adult he wanted to help other youth have the same opportunity he had. One month prior to his death, he helped pay for a middle schooler to attend summer camp.

The Kawcak family was well aware of the impact that God had on Jason through Young Life. They established a camp scholarship fund in his memory. Starting with winter camps in 2012, youth will be able to apply for $50 scholarships for winter camp and $100 scholarships for summer camp. Campers are required to fill out an application for the funds and if they are awarded them, they are required to perform 1 hour of community service per $25 received.

At this point, we will be able to give out $2,500 in scholarships each year for five years. It is the family's desire to continue to grow the fund. Please consider helping to keep the fund active. If you are interested, email us at ylbear_river@yahoo.com or call us at 970-629-9600and we can assist you in you donation. 


In the meantime, check out a video of something we were able to do to honor Jason's memory at the Young Life Club House in Craig.  


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