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Every year we ask our friends who attended summer camp to write a letter to our supporters about their experience. This year's group wrote some of the best we've ever had. We thought it'd be worthwhile to publish them on our site.
"Thank you so much for supporting Young Life and helping me get to Lost Canyon. When my friends told me it was the best week of their lives, they weren't lying. I learned so much about God and grew in my walk with Christ. Not only was I aided in faith but I had a blast, too. Even though I got sick on our hike, got beat up on the zip line and got scared to death on the ropes course, I wouldn't trade if for anything. It was most definitely an experience I'll never forget. Plus they had soy milk, too! Very important when you're lactose intolerant. Again thank you so much. I appreciate you more than words can describe."
"Thank you so much for supporting Young Life and making it affordable for me to go. Young Life camp this summer was absolutely one of the greatest weeks of my life. One of the best parts of camp for me was the cabin times. I think that during this hour or so I grew in my faith more than I have in years. I walked away from this camp with a renewed relationship with God. I fee like this camp has given me the courage to also help others."
"Thank you so much for helping make camp affordable for all of us kids. We all seriously appreciate it. Summer camp at Lost Canyon was so amazing. I learned so much about God and my relationship with him. It made me really appreciate all the things I have in life. I think my favorite part of camp was getting to know all the other kids from different places and learning so much about the acceptance God has for all of us. Again, thank you for helping me experience the best week of my life."
"Thank you so much for helping to let me experience Young Life camp this year at Lost Canyon. I had a wonderful experience. I got to escape from our harsh reality and have a week as the kid I'm supposed to be. This year I grew immensely in my faith. I learned many things from our speaker Troy."
"Thank you for supporting Young Life and helping kids get the chance to go to camp this summer in Williams, AZ. This camp is a beautiful getaway. My favorite part at camp is cabin time. Cabin time involves us campers and our leaders talking about our life experiences and how that has helped us grow in our faith. One thing that helped me with my faith at this camp was the speaker Troy. He told us a story about a little boy following his father while he was mowing the lawn. Troy said the little boy followed with his own fake lawn mower. The story was a picture of our relationship with God, he does all the work and we follow in his footsteps. God has already been through everything and we're just following him. Since he's done what we've done, he will help us through anything. Thank for you for the experience, it was truly amazing!"
"Thank you so much for your support of Young Life! You helped make camp affordable and helped give the largest group of kids ever from this area the best week of their life. Every year camp helps me grow in my faith in ways that are hard to come by in everyday life. The speaker was incredible. He related to my life and experiences on a whole new level. He helped me feel a new closesness with God and allowed me to initiate an intimate relationship with Jesus. There aren't words to explain how grateful I am to you to have helped make it possible."
"Thnk you so much for everything you did to help me make it to Lost Canyon. Words cannot explain how thankful I am and how much fun I had every second of camp. It was truly the most amazing week of my life. I grew close to every single girl in my cabin. I learned to forgive and accept. I also learned more about my faith and the Christian I hope to be. The part of camp was the feeling of peace I got the second I arrived, and it has still not left me."
There are at least five more great letters but because of space we can only publish this handful. God works in wild, heart-grabbing ways at camp.

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