Making An Impact

Young Life leaders care about kids. Since the ministry began in 1941, Young Life leaders have been leaving comfort of their adult worlds and entering the arena of high school and middle school life. You will find Young Life leaders sitting in the stands at football games, walking the streets of inner-city neighborhoods, driving carloads of kids to the shopping malls or tutoring students in study centers after school. Young Life leaders model trust, respect and responsibility to their young friends, and they do it within a meaningful context, within the context of a teenager's world.

Young Life leaders build friendships, not projects. Young life leaders look at young people as friends to be cared for, not projects to be completed. Leaders pay attention to kids, seek to understand their perspective and commit themselves to caring for kids regardless of the decisions they make concerning faith. Frequently, a friendship that begins between a Young Life leader and a teenager in high school or middle school continues throughout the rest of their lives.


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