Live Life This Summer .Join us for Camp!



Young Life @ Crooked Creek

July 7-12

Going to camp

What to expect:

Most fantastic time of your life. ​ You challenge your courage on the ropes course, make friends for life all while eating great food!

Parents click here​ for more information.

What to bring:

A desire to have fun, a swim suit, sleeping bag, a few clothes, mask(s), and maybe a notebook. (Packing list will be emailed later.)

Cost: $615*

*we know there is some sticker shock with this price, but we want you to know we work really hard to make camp affordable to everybody with fundraising and scholarships. Please don't let $ be the reason you say "no!" Keep in contact with your leader and they will help you make it to camp! We want you to go with us!

Wyldlife @ Crooked Creek

July 14-18

Going to camp

Want a challenge this summer? ​ A place to jump in and do you? ​ Experience the very best of yourself, find your groove while you make life long friends and memories.

Parents click here​ for more information.

What to bring:

A sense of humor, your courage, ​ a nose for adventure, and yeah, maybe a sleeping bag and a few pair of shorts and tee shirts. Watch for more details on what to pack

Cost: $595**

**LSRV Wyldlife- please see your leader for cost.



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